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Commander’s Copy


Tech ID # 48-037
Rank: Master Technician, S-1
Current Assignment: Star Captain Adrian, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy
Sibko: Freebirth

Physical Description

Caucasian male, 5’5, 145 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, born 6/22/23

Past Assignments

5/20/43 Graduated from Strana Mechty Technical University, Degrees in BattleMech Repair and Civil Engineering
5/20/45 Graduated from Master Technician Program, Strana Mechty Technical University
6/10/45 Assigned to Star Captain Katya Kerensky, Trinary First, 279th Battle Cluster, Alpha Galaxy
6/15/48 Assigned to Star Commander Adrian, Bravo Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy


1/14/40 Regan Award (Gold) for outstanding performance
8/6/41 Fullbright Scholarship to Strana Mechty Technical University
5/20/43 Graduated 4th in class of 46, Strana Mechty Technical University
5/20/45 Graduated 3rd in class of 10, Master Technician Program, Strana Mechty Technical University
6/1/45 Master Technicians Degree
8/2/51 McKenna Award for BattleMech Design, for the design of the Marksman variant of the Warhawk.


"Randle shows the potential to be a superb Mech Technician. A little introverted, but with great natural talent, and the willingness to work and study. He will be a great asset to his MechWarrior."

– Command Technician Gregory St. James
Commander, Strana Mechty Technical University


"A really bright student, with a natural ability to lead by example and to teach."

– Senior Master Technician Paul Bunyon
Head of Master Technician Program, Strana Mechty Technical University


"In the short time that he was assigned to me, Randle showed himself to be an excellent tech. My BattleMech was always kept in top shape, and his computer skills often helped me track down some needed part or good."

– Star Captain Katya Kerensky
Trinary First, 279th Battle Cluster, Alpha Galaxy


"Randel's skills are nothing short of exceptional. He has always been able to repair my Mech, no matter how badly I have torn it up. He can reconfigure a Mech on a spur-of-the-moment decision, and have it ready for you in time for battle. His ability to coax information out of computers is astounding, and more often than not he can turn the most obscure of facts into a winning strategy. Most importantly, he gets along very well with both the other techs and the MechWarriors in the unit."

– Nova Captain Adrian Spoint, 6/24/52
SuperNova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy

The character described above is obviously a fictional character. However, the picture is of a real actor, actress, or model. I do not to intend to imply that this person is the character; rather, the picture is intended to give the reader an impression of the character's appearance. No defamation, slight of character, or intentional offense is implied.
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