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The Blood of Kerensky trilogy is one of the most exciting book sequences to happen to BattleTech.  As always, Michael Stackpole has produced a tremendous tour de force that successfully serves a dual purpose in the BattleTech universe. 

First, this trilogy serves as an introduction to the "new" universe of the 3050 era.  Characters from previous books are now much older, and the focus has primarily shifted to their children.  The first few chapters of Lethal Heritage are meant more to familiarize the reader with the changes and introduce the characters than to actually advance the story.  For those who enjoyed Stackpole's earlier Warrior trilogy, this intro will delight and amuse as you see how the characters have grown and matured.

Second, the trilogy introduces the Clans.  Up until this point in the universe, all nations were more or less on equal footing.  The odd insane or inept ruler aside, each nation had similar quantities and qualities of equipment, personnel, and resources.  Technology was precious and rare.  High-tech items were often called lostech, so rare were they. 

The Clans toss this delicate balancing act out the window.  Whereas the Inner Sphere had proceeded to pound itself almost back into the Stone Age after the fall of the Star League some 300 years ago, the Clans had kept on developing.  The Inner Sphere is faced with the daunting task of fighting off invaders whose technology and skills are literally centuries more advanced than their own.

Keeping that in mind, let's see how these books stack up.


Buy these books at!

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Lethal Heritage

by Michael Stackpole

Blood Legacy

by Michael Stackpole

Lost Destiny

by Michael Stackpole

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