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Adrian Spoint: Saga of a Ristar

Welcome to the home page for Adrian Spoint. This page chronicles the exploits of a role-playing character in the BattleTech / MechWarrior universe created by FASA Corp. Come check it out!

It has been integrated into the main GamesNet site, and now has the appropriate links in and out.

Adrian's Story

Adrian's story has ended (mostly because Adrian's player moved away from his GM!). The story of his last days on Tukayyid, along with some spoiler info, will be up shortly. More info coming soon.

Whenever we role-play a battle or a major scenario, we'll write up a summary of what happened, and publish it on one of the pages in this section. The combats and role-played events are listed in chronological order, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content. Be sure to read the general notes if there's something about the style you don't understand.

The Adrian Campaign

Here, you can find details about the house rules and campaign-specific information that we use.

Notes on the Format

Some notes and explanations on abbreviations and strange terms we may use throughout the site.

Other Sections

The history of the BattleTech Universe and the list of BattleTech players worldwide (especially on Rec.Games.Mecha) have been moved to our main site.  You can find the link to them through the navigation bar on your left.

Wow!  So many people have been interested in Adrian's story!   Thanks so much for checking us out, guys!

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