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Company Members

These are the "big-wigs" who run the company.  As you can see from our job titles (yes, that's what those are!), we don't worry too much about formality.   As a young, vibrant, and malleable company, we can serve your needs!

George Macoukji
Grand High Poobah, General Manager, President, CEO, CFO, CKO -- and usually TKO'ed!  George is WebMaster of this site and the general operations manager.
Joel Allan
King, Prophet, and Chief Rabbi -- leave it to him to hold down the fort when things get tough!   :-)  Joel is also acting legal counsel for the company.
Billy Dunaway
Il Capitano Del Muckety-Mucks -- Chief Morale Officer, Lesson Teacher, and builder of the scariest Magic decks you've ever seen.
Georgina Badine
Universal Swiss Miss -- a great gal, and a general goodbody for us all.
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