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Clan Wolf

Clan Databases

Honor Levels

Honor Level 1:

The Clan warrior upholds all rules of honor, irrelevant of the actions of the opposition. Physical attacks are banned. Clan warriors may not retreat from battle under any circumstances.

Honor Level 2:

Enemy units who violate zellbrigen may be fired upon by any unit on the field. A Clan warrior can make physical attacks only if that warrior’s opponent makes a physical attack against him first. Retreat is permissible only if opponents are using superior technology.

Honor Level 3:

Zellbrigen applies, but if any opposing unit breaks the rules of zellbrigen, all Clan units are free to fire at any target on the field. That is, the battle degenerates into a total free-or-all. Again, if any opponent make a physical attack, all Clansmen are free to make physical attacks. Retreat from enemy Mechs (of any level of technology) is permitted, but not from other vehicles or infantry.

Honor Level 4:

Zellbrigen does not apply. Any unit may perform physical attacks without provocation. Clan warriors may retreat at will.

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