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Like any campaign, my GM and I have developed numerous house rules to speed play and just make life all-around easier on us. Some are just common-sense things, others are expansions on the basic rules, while others "fix" the basic rules to our satisfaction. The following is probably not a complete list of the rules, and I'll post more as I think of them.

  • You do not need to allocate a full ton of ammo for each weapon. 1/2 ton lots are ok, but you still need to allocated a full critical space for each ton or portion thereof of ammo.
  • Streak missile technology on a Streak system can be turned on and off during combat, as you want, on a turn by turn basis. Default is that it is active, and we will assume that it is active unless you specify otherwise.
  • 4 legged Mechs are allowable, if you want.
  • The GM reserves the right to make judgment calls, and otherwise affect the outcome of a role or battle in order to keep the results within his planned storyline. (In other words, the GM can intervene, take control of Mechs that ordinarily a player would control, alter die rolls, and just plain mess up the battle plan :-) at will.)
  • The unexpected is expected. Be as innovative as you want.
  • Heat sinks can be turned on and off at will, on a turn by turn basis.
  • If you use a targeting computer (TC), not all direct fire weapons on a Mech need to be connected to it. You can choose which weapons, and size the TC accordingly. You must list which weapons are connected, and they must remain so for the duration of the battle. For the record, if you want to change which weapons are connected, you can do it between battles by switching out the old TC and putting in a new one, as for any equipment change on an OmniMech. Targeting computers are still 1 ton and 1 critical slot per 5 tons or portion thereof of attached weaponry.
    For example, a certain OmniMech has been configured with three medium pulse lasers (MPL's) (weighing two tons each). I wish to add a TC to make the Mech more effective. However, I only have one ton available. Under the basic rules, adding the TC would be impossible. Our house rule, however, allows me to add a TC and attach only two MPL's to it. This TC would weigh only one ton, and take up one critical slot, because the two MPL's attached to it weigh four tons total. The third MPL is not connected to teh TC, and does not receive the targeting bonus during game play.
  • Flamers have been revised. The following applies only to Mech flamers:
    • 5 heat to you
    • 4 + 1d6 heat to your opponent
    • no damage to either Mech
  • You can add or remove armor to any Mech, even if it's not part of the basic Mech chassis, up to the standard limits (2 x internal structure for most locations, 9 pts. for the head)
  • We have developed an Executioner model with Endo-Steel internal structure.
  • You can add or remove jump jets as pods -- i.e., at will, even if the basic Mech chassis excludes them.
  • You can do a punch or kick and still fire the weapons on that same arm or leg in the same turn.
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