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Bloodline: Spoint
Rank: MechWarrior
Current Assignment: Alpha Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle, Cluster, Gamma Galaxy
Currently Pilots: Warhawk (Marksman variant)
Sibko: Freebirth

Physical Description

Caucasian Female, Tan skin, 5’10", 160 lb., straight brown-black hair, gray eyes, born October 15, 3026

Past Assignments

4/17/46 Tested as MechWarrior
5/1/46 Assigned to Bravo Command Star, Trinary Galaxy Command, Epsilon Galaxy
10/27/47 Assigned to BattleMech Third Star, Trinary Third Mixed Services, 4th Striker Cluster, Delta Galaxy
11/4/48 Assigned to Bravo Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy
3/5/51 Assigned to Alpha Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy


"I was a little hesitant about receiving a MechWarrior straight out of testing into the Galaxy Command. It turns out that I had nothing to fear. Kelly exceeded all expectations, and she would be a Star Commander by now if she had not been transferred out of the unit. She has shown incredible poise in settling disputes between her comrades. I do not know how she got her hands on that Warhawk; all she would tell me is that it was assigned to her by Clan Command. Rumor has it that it was given to her by Khan Ulric himself."

– Star Captain Bihur, 1/2/47
Aide-de-Camp, Epsilon Galaxy


"Kelly is an able MechWarrior, serving admirably when the Nova Cats attacked Devron (the garrison location of Galaxy Command at the time). She is a boon to any commander; she always seemed to be able to negotiate a peace between fighting members of the unit."

– Star Commander Laj, 10/17/46
Bravo Command Star, Trinary Galaxy Command, Epsilon Galaxy


"Kelly's abilities serve her well, whether fighting the Com Guards on Tukayyid, or running the SuperNova in the absence of other commanders. Her skills on the battlefield are exceptional, and she is pleasant and personable when off-duty. I have not had a single complaint from or about her since she transferred in."

– Nova Captain Adrian Spoint, 6/24/52
SuperNova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy

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