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Klen Kerensky

Bloodline: Kerensky
Rank: Senior Point Commander (clearance Alpha-1)
Current Assignment: Alpha Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy
Pilots: Elemental Armor
Sibko: New Hyte Breeding Group 3021a

Physical Description

Elemental, 7’6, 440 lbs, dark skin, black hair, blue eyes, born June 30, 3021

Past Assignments

6/30/41 Tested for Point Commander
7/1/41 Assigned to Elemental Second Star, Trinary Second Mixed Services, 4th Striker Cluster, Delta Galaxy
3/18/43 Tested for Star Commander; Refused promotion.
5/23/44 Assigned to Elemental Command Star, Trinary Command, 4th Striker Cluster, Delta Galaxy, at same rank
11/21/45 Field Promotion to Star Commander; Refused promotion
12/4/46 Transferred to Bravo Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy, at same rank
2/13/47 Promoted to Senior Point Commander, same unit
7/27/48 Field Promotion to Star Commander, Refused promotion
3/5/51 Assigned to Alpha Second Nova, Supernova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy, at same rank.


6/30/43 Graduated second in sibko
2/13/47 Granted Alpha-1 security clearance
9/21/47 Earned Kerensky Bloodname
3/13/48 Assigned to Gamma Galaxy planning staff for upcoming invasion


[I’ll come up w/ some quotations from other commanders eventually – JA]


Klen has been the best Executive Officer a commander can ever hope for.  Exemplary battle skills, a frightening intensity in combat, and an ability to adapt to any surprising situation without hesitation make him a superior combat leader.  He holds the respect of his troops, his peers, and his commanders.  Off duty, he gets along well with all the staff.  Without a doubt, he is simply a superior Elemental, officer, and friend.

– Nova Captain Adrian Spoint, 6/24/52
SuperNova Second, 16th Battle Cluster, Gamma Galaxy

The character described above is obviously a fictional character. However, the picture is of a real actor, actress, or model. I do not to intend to imply that this person is the character; rather, the picture is intended to give the reader an impression of the character's appearance. No defamation, slight of character, or intentional offense is implied.
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