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Clan Wolf

Clan Directory

Personnel Files

Natasha Kerensky

Bloodline: Kerensky
Rank: Khan
Current Assignment: Alpha Galaxy; 13th Wolf Guards
Currently Pilots: Dire Wolf, Widowmaker variant
Sibko: Strana Mechty 2980

Physical Description

Fair skin, Red hair, Green eyes, 511", 154 lbs, born 11 November, 2980

Past Assignments

11/11/3000 Tested as Star Captain
11/13/00 Assigned to Trinary Assault, 4th Wolf Guards, Alpha Galaxy
1/4/03 Tested for Star Colonel
1/4/03 Given command of 4th Wolf Guards
5/21/04 Tested for Galaxy Commander
5/22/04 Given command of Delta Galaxy
7/9/04 Transferred to the Wolf Dragoons
3/10/15 Appointed Second-in-Command, the Wolf Dragoons
12/10/31 Takes command of the Black Widow Battalion, the Wolf Dragoons; remains as Second-in-Command of the Wolf Dragoons
3/3/35 5/21/42 Commander, Training Group, the Wolf Dragoons; Second-in-Command of the Wolf Dragoons
5/22/42 Returns to command of the Black Widow Battalion; remains Second-in-Command
1/10/51 Transferred to Clan Wolf
6/19/51 Appointed Khan, Clan Wolf
7/21/51 Tested as Star Colonel
7/22/51 Given command of 13th Wolf Guards, Alpha Galaxy
7/22/51 Takes command of Alpha Galaxy


6/2/02 Kerensky Medal of Honor, for valor in combat against Clan Goliath Scorpion
12/24/02 Earned Kerensky Bloodname
2/15/03 Earned honor of the Wolf Rite; Earned title of KinWolf
11/19/03 Kerensky Medal of Honor, for valor in combat against Clan Diamond Shark


Remainder of document is classified Secret, level Gamma, as per Clan Wolf directive 2846.008 Gamma.

The character described above is obviously a fictional character. However, the picture is of a real actor, actress, or model. I do not to intend to imply that this person is the character; rather, the picture is intended to give the reader an impression of the character's appearance. No defamation, slight of character, or intentional offense is implied.
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