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[Each of the files below is a simulated computer directory. As per Clan tradition, names are alphabetized by first name then BloodName. What you see is precisely what Adrian can find when he pulls up the record on his computer. All apparent omissions are intentional on my GM's part (grrrr!!); the rest is as you see.]

Nova Captain Adrian Spoint, SuperNova Second, 16th Battle Cluster
[Yes, that's me!]

Nova Captain Bob Ward, SuperNova Third, 16th Battle Cluster

Star Colonel Dwilt Radick, 16th Battle Cluster

MechWarrior Kelly, Alpha Second Nova, 16th Battle Cluster

Senior Point Commander Klen Kerensky, Alpha Second Nova, 16th Battle Cluster

Star Colonel Lara Ward, 279th Battle Cluster

Nova Commander Michael Winson, Bravo Second Nova, 16th Battle Cluster

Khan Natasha Kerensky, 13th Wolf Guards

Master Technician Randel

Star Captain Sara

ilKhan Ulric Kerensky, Trinary Clan Command, Clan Wolf


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